Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ActivBoard Weblinks No.1

Just starting to migrate my posts from the now superseded wiki site to here.

Here are a list of links to help get us started looking for resources.
ACTIV board Resources (UK & NZ) - Official Site
ACTIV board Resources (USA) - Official Site
Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics
Ideal Classrooms
MirandaNet - Promethean World
Visual Fractions
Mathematics Lessons That Are Fun, Fun, Fun!
The Learning Federation
Interactive Whiteboard Resources (UK)
Free Trial of Gizmos
Birmingham Grid for Learning - Whiteboard Resources

And here are sites that more about pedagogy and breaking news in the world of interactive whiteboards (not just Activ):
IWB Net (Australia)
Richardson Primary School (Where It All Began In Australia)

Please post to the blog if any of these are any good or alternately if they are of limited use.


At 6:45 am, Blogger Miss Frizzle said...

This is my first year teaching with a Promethean board, and I honestly don’t think I could go back using a traditional chalkboard/ whiteboard. I spend hours prior each class to make my high school math (Algebra 2/ Trigonometry) classes fun by making them interactive and most importantly meaningful. The Promethean board enables me to use to use features that a traditional chalkboard doesn’t offer such as highlight, trash bin, graph paper, and saves flipcharts. I am able to organize and present the complex mathematical content with pictures, because research suggests that students learn more efficiently with pictures, diagrams, and learning webs. For example, when I teach completing the square, I relate this topic with Sponge Bob and my high school students remember the process of completing the square as “sponge Bob.” I also think it is important that students come up to the activboard to interact with the mathematics. For example, I may have developed a mix and match activity where students have to math the graph with the appropriate equation. It is also easy to access the internet, which is just a click away. I previously have inserted hyperlinks that enabled my students and me to explore more mathematical examples on the World Wide Web. I think assessment plays an important role in the learning process. I consider myself an assessment junky, because I am an on-going assessor of my students’ performances. The Promethean board enabled me to differentiate my instruction, because I am a strong believer that each student can and will learn. I think the activboard encourages students to participate and decreases levels of stress/anxiety in the classroom. I think my high school math classroom is a leaning environment that encourages students to think outside of the box and embrace diversity. I think it is important that students construct their own learning, because they will gain a deeper understanding of the material. The most effective educators are those who conquered to ability to enter into a student’s mind and bring their mind to life by teaching students how to think. According to Kottler, Zehm, & Kottler (2005), “Students are not viewed as blank tapes to be filled with the knowledge from a lecturing teacher. Rather, students are engaged in the active process of building on that they already know and can do” (p. 31).

Math is a very challenging subject and involves students to take risks. Math is its’ very own language and an activboard helps make those connections that no other chalkboard/ whiteboard can make. It is my role to guide them through success by utilizing the technology that our society has to offer. Teachers must be careful that their technology integration compliments their instruction, rather than distract their students. I understand that each student learns differently and my Promethean board allows me to reach all my students.

Thanks for your insights,

Kottler, J. A., Zehm, S. J., & Kottler, E. (2005). On being a teacher: The human dimension (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.


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