Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Digital Natives/Immigrants Links

Team members who remember my reference to the metaphor of "digital natives" and "digital immigrants" might want to read up a little more on the idea. It helps us in making sure that the use of these interactive whiteboards isn't just s new way of delivering old curriculum but that we look to cater for the needs of our "digital natives."
Marc Prensky is the person who coined this educational methaphor. Click here to read the original "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants" and here for the companion article "Do They Really Think Differently?"
Also, Will Richardson from Weblogg-ed whose slideshow I quoted from has a post just the other day about a work colleague who had a piece published titled "Portrait of a Digital Native". I know the US perspective is always different to down under but it is worth a read. (Possibly our kids are more in tune with American education than us!)
Another post from The Bionic Teacher - A “Normal” Camera which might make a few of us cringe in recognition.
Another article that reflects on whether we need to change our methodologies "Do We Have to Talk the Talk?"
And to make sure I've included alternative perspectives, here's a post from the blog of proximal development titled "Digital Pioneers?" that challenges some of Marc Prensky's assertions.
Finally a couple of Interactive Whiteboard links for extra light reading. (Don't print them out if you don't want to labelled a digital immigrant!)
Interactive Whiteboards for Interactive Teaching and Learning
Interactive Teaching and Learning


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