Thursday, November 03, 2005

Relevant Posts From My Blog

I have a number of posts on my personal blog, Teaching Generation Z, that are on the topic of ActivBoards or IWB's in general that may be of interest to readers of this blog who don't read my blog (or are unaware of it!) So for IWB users and potential users here are links to a few relevant recent entries that relay experiences or thoughts on this topic: Disagreeing With A Legend, Why An Interactive Whiteboard?, Gathering Evidence, ActivBoard Lesson Screen Dump and The Missing Ingredient - Ownership. Love some feedback on some or all of them.


At 1:31 am, Blogger Dennis Pang said...

Hi Graham

Your enthusiasm in experimenting with IWB technologies is admirable. The idea of using the IWB with "hotspots" for pupils to access their Powerpoint presentations was a novel and innovative one.

I think the educational community needs to hear more of these ideas and other varied ways of tapping IWB technologies in teaching and learning. To critics that say that IWB promotes the traditional teacher-centred approach, I would answer that IWB is half-way in the continuum between teacher- and learner-centred pedagogies. One proof is what you have done, that has brought about ownership of learning in pupils. So the potential and possibilities offered by IWB are only limited by the beliefs, perspectives and knowledge of the educator.

Cheers Graham, for your efforts!

At 2:03 pm, Anonymous Graham Wegner said...

Dennis, you are exactly right - any technology used in a classroom is only as good as the teacher in charge. Even learner centred pedagogies need expert educators facilitating the learning.


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