Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Digital Immigrant's Guide To Bloglines

After spending a small amount of time bringing our teacher-librarian up to speed with the state of play in blogging, rss and social bookmarking,(She said,"Leave me alone now. You've shown me more than enough for now.") I found this post that could be of interest to our team members in starting to access and read more relevant blogs. I mentioned Bloglines before and how it is a great way of tracking blogs without the hassle of checking in on them individually. This post details how to set up a Bloglines account in a lock step way - if I was a beginner, this would be really handy. If you want to see some of the blogs I access, here is the link to my Bloglines account. You might find something of interest. Other bloggers also publish their Bloglines account links for public perusal - it is a great way to find additional blogs of interest.


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