Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Well Done, Team!

On Monday, the MYLU (Middle Years Learning Unit)team from our school presented at the International Middle Schooling Conference being held here in Adelaide. Our presentation focussed on the use of Interactive Whiteboards in the Middle School Classroom and was titled "Engaging The Digital Native – Use Of New Technologies In The Middle School Classroom." We presented to a full room of around 100 keen educators from a wide variety of school settings. We worked out that there must have been around that number because we were expecting 87 delegates and provided 100 bookmarks designed for the occasion in place of photocopied handouts. Our thought process there was to showcase some emerging technology use of our own by putting all of our resources on a wiki for the event - then give out bookmarks with the wiki address and our contact details to encourage traffic to it. So if you want to get a virtual replay of our presentation, go to the wiki and check out our notes, and in time the slides (or flipchart, if you have an ACTIVboard yourself!) and hopefully, the audio when I edit it back to a manageable file size.
The team was fantastic and I felt like all of the hard work in planning and preparation came off. Hopefully, I wasn't too much of a dictator and stage managed the whole thing coherently. We got pretty good feedback from our audience and via other grapevines later on, so that was great. Our boss even said someone had said the phrase, "international standard presentation..." in their assessment of the event. So, we had the use of an ACTIVboard as well to give the whole thing credibility - thanks to Amy and Commander for making that happen. As I said in my e-mail out to the MYLU teachers last night:
Thank you all very much for your efforts in our presentation today. It was my privilege to be part of such a professional and cohesive production - thank you all for your part, it was a true team effort and we should all be very proud. Just remember when the requests to see IWB's in action come flooding in, I'll need you to be ready to show off your expertise!


At 1:18 pm, Anonymous Natalie Brook said...

I was part of this fantastic team and proud to be. Thankyou to all for allowing me to be a part of it. The experience and confidence I gained from presenting was invaluable and the 2 day conference gave me further insight into how middle schooling should/could work. I am currently reading Princess Bitchface by Michael Carr-Gregg and am finding it entertaining as well as informative. Highly recomend it.

At 4:37 pm, Blogger Simply Science said...

Hi Team,

Sounds like a lot of fun, 100 participants, huge fun. Well done. Excellent to see that the whole experience is part of a team effort.

At 10:52 pm, Anonymous Marg Thanissorn said...

Being the "immigrant" who has come from the furthest land (in other words the grey hair of the team) I was really proud to be part of the team. I though Graham did a great job putting our several parts together to make a very professinal whole. Well done!

At 10:54 pm, Anonymous An embarrassed Marg! said...

Oops! Not only grey haired but in need of my glasses. Should have edited my first comment more carefully... bad typing!

At 5:43 pm, Anonymous Necall Voice & Data said...

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