Tuesday, December 13, 2005

IWB Research Link - PLICT Grants

I've been meaning to blog this link for a while since I read about it on the TSOF website. The first schools to have ActivBoards installed here in South Australia were up in the far north of the State at the Anangu school of Mimili. (For non-Aussie readers, Anangu is the traditional word for indigenous Aboriginal Australians). I was under the (hopeful) impression that our school might have been the first ActivBoard school but these guys predate us easily. It's a great case study and Brad Lewis from Commander who distribute the boards here in Australia told me how they flew Peter Kent to Alice Springs for their inservice training but someone from the schools had to drive up (a few hundred k's) to bring him in for their sessions. Anyway, well worth a read and well done to Kathy, Gail, Bianca and Kirstie. Don't miss the link to the fabulous digital story.Link here.


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