Monday, February 13, 2006

Science Grant ActivBoarding

Meredith, our Science teacher here at school is far too modest to highlight her own work but I thought that seeing my own name was liberally sprinkled throughout this report, I'd provide a link to anyone interested in the school's Action Learning Project as part of the SCIMAS Grants from 2005. For the uninitiated, Meredith's grant proposal explored the possibilities and impact an interactive whiteboard could have on her non-contact R-7 Science program. I am sure that she didn't realise what a frustrating but steep learning curve she would go on. So what does she want an IWB to do?
The eventual aim of using the IWB is that it will deliver a visually enhanced explanation of a concept, with deeper understanding and in a shorter amount of time, so that they can apply the theory to the practical work.

Here's my favourite bit (shades of Prensky coming through):
More than ever, I am convinced that as educators our roles are more as a facilitator than fountain of knowledge. The computer and internet, with all of its potential good and negative aspects will I, believe, play a key role in students’ lives in the foreseeable future. Our job will be to assist them in finding out what they need to know and how to find it. Young students are more comfortable with technology. Older teachers are now being referred to as ‘digital immigrants’ whereas young students are referred to as ‘digital natives’. As teachers we need to keep up with technology and teach students how to respond/use it in a responsible and meaningful manner.

I definitely think that this work should be supported by another grant so that Meredith can use release time to really explore the potential and marry the right digital content to her curriculum and then I think we'll see high levels of engagement and relevancy for her students. Great work, Meredith!


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