Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Whole School Change via IWB

The ActivBoard Pioneers were lucky enough to get some more advanced training from Commander's new trainer based in Melbourne. She came out and gave pairs of teachers some new technical skills to improve their own repertoire - embedding video, layering etc. We also had our first initial touch base meeting with our Flinders University contact who will work with us in acion research to produce a case study of our IWB journey. The key to this research seems to be the question, "Can interactive whiteboards assist in whole school change for learners and pedagogy?" I may not have worded that correctly but the gist of it all is that there is quite a bit of evidence and research that showcases the improvement in individual teacher's skills and documentation on individual class achievement but the whole school improvement could be unchartered waters, particularly here in Australia. There is also the point of IWB's being promoted as a teaching tool by their vendors and some schools (which is certainly important) but is there potential for this technology to become a learning tool for students as well? I am really looking forward to this research study and accessing expertise that I certainly don't have and getting an outside perspective of what my school is trying to achieve and how we can measure that achievement. Exciting times ahead.


At 10:00 am, Blogger meredith said...

Sounds really interesting Graham!
Now that I'm back "on air" I will be closely reading and commenting again, so hopefully we can travel a bit more together!

At 10:45 pm, Anonymous Graham Wegner said...

That is great Meredith! It does get lonely out here in nerdy blogspace. Seriously, this research will be invaluable and your contribution will be really important.

At 7:29 pm, Blogger David said...

Hello again, I left a comment on your post and thought I'd share my links on stuff related to Interactive White Boards. This is a set of links I initially put together for Primary teachers in training but there are a few Secondary relevant links in there too. It is probably a bit UK biased but some of the links may still be useful.

At 8:23 pm, Blogger meredith said...

Hello and welcome David from Scotland! Great to have an international comment!
Lastest blogging news I heard on SBS news tonight, was the "emergence of new literature and technological times". Namely there is now a Blooker Prize (as opposed to Booker Prize), where bloggers are recognised for their innovative and informative blogs. A cookery blog, and a few others were mentioned as prizewinners, and publishers are now looking at blogs for new talent. They also showed a documentary type blog of a woman's perspective in Afghanistan. This was hailed as a new form of communication, one negative mentioned by publisher is that no-one can check the validity of what is presented as truth/fact, but may be the future way things will go. I thought you'd be interested in its growing potential as a sign of things to come, Graham!
And all with no sarcasm intended!

At 9:40 pm, Anonymous Graham Wegner said...

Cheers, David. Those links will be invaluable for our IWB teachers.


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